Creating Motivation for Good Habits10/24/2016

In this fast paced world of information packed with instantaneous rewards it becomes easy to build bad habits. Overstimulation is a huge concern for the modern man. We receive and process information at a scale that's rapidly increasing. You can gorge on the details and move on to the next thing without a second thought, with not enough time to contemplate why. The pace of information could lead one to develop poor habits with regard to time management. There're too many rewarding distractions motivating us to feed on information, making it difficult to filter this data and stay focused on a single task. Creating motivation for things that are important to your well being may become difficult when the rewards for building good habits aren't often instantaneous. It's very important to acknowledge that good habits reward you in the long term. However, sometimes you need to improvise some rewards to help yourself get out of some bad habits you may have built up over the years.

It's important to realize that an individual must develop good habits in order to sustain themselves and contribute to society. As I mentioned before, to establish any type of behavior we require motivation. Motivation can come from almost anything, whether it's curiosity, empathy, family, personal gain, or pleasure, we all have something that drives us to do one thing over another. So how do we create motivation for tasks that are often overshadowed by their more entertaining (but less productive) counterparts? I can sit here and preach to you the value of self-discipline, mental fortitude, but you probably figured as much by now - it's not that easy to break bad habits. You also know how easy it is to sway yourself from doing something productive and instead waste time on something offering instantenous rewards. I think we've all been there, we're only human. I know you called today or yesterday a rest day thinking you earned the break and will make up for it tomorrow. You also must've realized how many times you've said this same thing to yourself, tricking our mind so you can slack off and mess with your future, grieving self.

It's very easy to build bad habits, but it doesn't necessarily have to be troublesome to change them. Focus on doing something creative and challenging. Tasks you normally avoid or leave for later. Try doing them first, and reward yourself with distractions after you've done the thing you've been putting off for later. Even if you don't get very far with that task, you still made an impact that will only grow over time. If you do this everyday, you'll begin to notice your progress which will serve as a reward and fuel your motivation. Small dents become large cracks until finally you find yourself wanting to do those challenging and creative things you've always put off or avoided. Soon you'll lose motivation for your distractions as they slowly become stale and boring. This is why it's important to track the progress you make along the way. You'll soon find yourself motivated to tackle your challenges and create some good habits along the way.

The real work then becomes to challenge yourself to build good habits. It's only when you're being productive (even if it's for only five minutes at first) that you'll be motivated to be productive for longer hours. Those initial five minutes will soon become ten with enough iterations. Eventually, you'll find it hard to tear yourself away from your progress, you'll even start spending whole solid hours on the tasks that're tied to more positive habits. It would be a matter of time and patience at that point when you'll see your interests and motivations shift into the positive spectrum. As your old, bad habits star to wear out on you, your good habits will grow and reinforce your motivation for doing them.

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