The Automation Revolution, When Robots Replace the Workforce10/29/2016

Automation is a topic that has been under a lot of scrutiny. When is automation a good thing and when does it do more harm then good? This is a very important question that many of us have to answer sooner or later.

Let's start with the easy one, when is automation a good thing. I can name a few industries where automation has provided some positive outcomes. Assembly lines have made production much faster, cheaper, and relatively safer. When you look at the automobile industry, most cars are made by assembly lines of large robots with a handful of human workers mainly oversee the process. Now take that very same principle and apply it to an other job. You'll start to notice a pattern that shows that almost any task can eventually be automated.

The great thing about automation is that it has the potential to remove the burden of labor from people from all around the world. As we automate the process of everyday jobs like retail, banking, customer service, or anything else you can think of you'll start to see how completely unprepared we are for such an impact on our daily lives.

Imagine a world where all labor has been automated and tasked to machines. All your food prepared for you by a smart house kitchen. A driverless car ready to pick you up and take you to your next appointment. Buying a drink or a jacket from a self service checkout, leaving the salesperson to do their job without worrying about things like items not being in stock or put away in the right place. All of these simple problems can actually be solved by an automated script - a robot that will do all the heavy lifting.

So what happens to all the humans that eventually get replaced by their more efficient robot counterparts. This the hard question few people are able to tackle. I think having some kind of transition system ahead of the full scale automation revolution is a must. By this time it would be ideal to socialize a lot of important things like education, medical insurance, and even housing for those that need it.

I think it's very important to send a lot of the skilled labor people to school. Since their labor can be automated they need to learn other skills, sending them to college is the right way to go. Now you'll have a more educated society with a lot of free time to gather information and think up of solutions to more large scale problems like global warming, the global economy, poverty, hunger, etc... Putting more brain power into the large problems is what should happen once people's time has been freed up with automated labor.

In conclusion, the automated revolution is coming and we need to prepare for solutions that will meet this exciting new transition into the future. We would need to not only change the way our society functions but also how we function as individuals.

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