The Modern Day Renaissance07/23/2016

Knowledge is just at your fingertips. Almost anything you want to know, you can find on the internet. What does this mean for modern day people like us? I can only describe it as a modern day Renaissance where ideas flourish and individuals connect. With the right access to knowledge almost anybody can become an expert. It becomes even easier with the power of the internet.

A free and open internet has the potential to create a cultural movement unlike any other. With the power to communicate with anybody around the world we now hold the power to achieve some form of unity as a species. We just need to put in the time to get there. Fortunately we have the means to nurture experts with some help from the internet. Anybody can learn interactively with a good network connection. Free classrooms around the world can help create a future generation of experts in all kinds of different fields.

I like to believe that each person holds a degree of hidden potential within themselves. However great or small it may be, it can have the power to impact lives. With the right set of tools and the correct mindset we can achieve anything.

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