Damir's WorkMy blood, sweat, and tears

Professional Work

  • With Pulp

    A startup specializing in software design and development.

  • Been Verified

    A Public Records Service for online background checks.

  • SVA

    A higher education institution focusing on the visual arts.

  • Viewfind

    A digital publishing platform for photo journalists.

  • People Looker

    A Public Records Service for online background checks.

Open Source Work

  • Castmaker

    A static page builder for coming soon pages, powered by With Pulp.

  • Favor Chimp

    An Amazon affiliate links aggregator for unique gifts.

  • Space Battle

    A battleship game with a sci-fi theme built with React on Meteor.

  • uTool

    A minimal agency web app built with Meteor and Orion CMS.

Creative Work

  • Nova

    A graphic novel I'm working on with a prototype for an online publishing platform.

  • Damir's Gallery

    An online gallery for some of my art work and projects over the years.

  • Grandizer

    A web portal for a band named Grandizer that my friends and I started.

  • Damir's Stories

    A collection of short speculative fiction stories that I've published.

Have Big Dreams?

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